Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CM Drunk?

Did Punk Flunk a Live Sobriety Test? Word in the locker room was that WWE Champion CM Punk may have been hitting the bottle behind the scenes at Raw SuperShow. Did The Straight Edge Superstar flunk a live, in-ring sobriety test, jeopardizing his title reign?

Chris Jericho convinced the General Manager that CM Punk was drunk and needed to be tested in the ring. If CM Punk failed the test he would have to hand over the WWE Championship to Chris Jericho!

Well CM Punk did a pretty good job of faking being drunk in the middle of the ring. He pretended to not be able to say his alphabet backwards or walk a straight line. But then when he was ordered to hand over his Championship, suddenly he recited the entire alphabet backwards while walking the straight line forward and backwards. It was a funny bit. 

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