Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nikki Bella Wins Divas Championship

Nikki Nets First Title: Live on Raw SuperShow in Detroit, Nikki Bella netted her first-ever title as the twin tussler snared the Divas Championship from Beth Phoenix.
Beth was just a few short days away from becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. I think if they had waited to have this match at Extreme Rules she would have broken the record, which is probably why they had this match on Raw. Personally, I think they should have let Beth break the record. She is the most dominant Diva of all time.

Also, I didn't realize this was Nikki's first Championship. I remembered the Bellas having a title before. I guess it must have been her sister. Its kind of hard to tell them apart lol. 

The match was a "Lumber-Jills" match, so all of the other Divas surrounded the ring. Beth threw Nikki to the floor, but none of the Divas attacked her as they were supposed to. So Beth jumped down after her, but when she landed Beth rolled her ankle and looked to be in a lot of pain. As she hobbled around on what was clearly a sprained ankle, all of the Divas attacked her, and only her. She was thrown back into the ring. The referee asked her if she wanted to stop the match. But she said she was ok. Then Nikki rolled her up and got the three count. 

Clearly, Beth should have said no and stopped the match. They built up the injury as she cried after the match and the trainers helped her to the back. Beth has plenty of excuses now. She injured her ankle, she was attacked by every other Diva, all at once, and none of them attacked Nikki. 

But the real story I'm hearing is that the reason for Nikki's push as Divas Champion is because she is the real life girlfriend of Daniel Bryan and has been for quite some time. Its funny because the Divas Champion has been Beth for so long because she is the real life girlfriend of CM Punk who is the WWE Champion. So it shows how much power CM Punk got when he resigned with the WWE. They made him the WWE Champion. They made his best friend Daniel Bryan the World Champion. And they made his girlfriend Beth Divas Champion. 

There are lots of rumours going around that CM Punk and Beth have split up though. There are rumours that CM Punk cheated on her with Lita, and that he is back together with Lita. So that could be why CM Punk would no longer use his influence to make Beth Divas Champion, and why he might in fact use his power to have her lose the title, particularly before she broke the record. And it would seem fitting that if he was going to get her to drop the title he would have her do it to his best friend Daniel Byran's girlfriend Nikki. 

I just think its funny that on the same episode where Brock Lesnar is making outrageous demands for more money and power in the company we are actually seeing some of the power and control CM Punk actually has backstage!

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