Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hulk Hogan TNA General Manager Again!

So Dixie Carter hired good Hulk Hogan to run TNA. But when he showed up he brought Eric Bischoff with him and turned back into evil Hulk Hogan. However, they brought in Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Rob Van Dam, and the company had its highest ratings and was doing great. Then Sting decided they needed to get rid of the evil Hulk Hogan so he beat him in a match to take over control of the company and turn Hogan back to good once and for all. However, since taking over the company, Sting has lost control and TNA has fallen apart. Now Sting has fired himself and begged Dixie to rehire the good Hulk Hogan promising that he won't turn evil again. Dixie did what she always does, just nodded along and did what Sting said lol. So they offered Hogan the job, but he didn't seem like he wanted to take it. However, after much begging from Sting and Dixie... Hogan said yes and is now the General Manager of TNA Impact Wrestling once again!

First move he should make, fire Eric Bischoff. Next move, put Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Rob Van Dam in in the main event for the TNA Championship and every other title the company has to offer before they lose them back to the WWE!

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