Monday, April 2, 2012

Wrestlemania Report

So Sheamus and Daniel Bryan went from a Dark Match at last years Wrestlemania to an 18 second opening match at this year's Wrestlemania... not much of a promotion lol. Only difference was that last year their match was for the United States Championship and this year it was for the World Championship. Basically Bryan gave AJ a kiss and then Sheamus hit him with the Brogue Kick for the win. Supposedly, the plan was for them to beat the Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero record for shortest match a few years ago but they didn't beat it. The short title change had apparently been planned for awhile but there were people in WWE trying to get it changed.


Kane defeated Randy Orton. This seemed like an upset to me. I did not expect it. Has Kane ever won a singles match at Wrestlemania? Or has he had as bad of a record at Wrestlemania as The Big Show? Well now he has a big win over a major star. Kane won the match with a Chokeslam off the top rope. It was an impressive move, but I did not expect it to be the finish. 

Next was The Big Show who finally won a singles match and his first Intercontinental Championship. The match seemed kind of short and they seemed to botch the ending. Cody Rhodes went for his Beautiful Disaster Kick springing off the second rope, only The Big Show caught him with a Spear. However, the Spear came up between Cody's legs and basically Speared him right in the balls lol. Afterwards, The Big Show hit Cody with the Weapon of Mass Destruction for the win.

There's not much to say about the Divas match. That girl Maria from Extra can't wrestle, neither can Kelly Kelly lol. Here is the typical headline for every Divas match, especially involving Kelly Kelly... another roll-up for a cheap win. Boring. Sorry, I don't have anything against woman's wrestling, but I would rather see women that can wrestle. Beth Phoenix should wrestle Natalya or Kharma or bring back Michelle McCool or Melina if you can. At least in TNA the Knockouts actually wrestle. Gail Kim's Knockout Title matches are decent. So were Mickie James, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky is getting better, and hopefully Tessmacher will too. But they don't bring in Maxim models that can't wrestle or talk show hosts. What a joke. 

Hell In A Cell. End Of An Era. Triple H vs The Undertaker. Special Referee Shawn Michaels. The best match on the show by far and the only match I really wanted to see. My prediction, HBK would hit Triple H with Sweet Chin Music to cost him the match. I was wrong. HBK hit the Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music and then Triple H hit him with the Pedigree. I thought the Streak might actually be over, but The Undertaker kicked out. In the end, The Undertaker hit Triple H with the Tombstone and HBK counted the three. The Streak is now at 20-0 and that might be how it all ends? After the match, Shawn and Taker helped Triple H out of the ring and up the ramp. When they got to the top, they stopped there and shared a hug. Like the infamous Cliq hug at Madison Square Garden. Jim Ross called the match (this match only) and made a comment that it was the last time we would see these three in this place ever again. Could this mean we will never see any of them compete at Wrestlemania again?


Team Teddy vs Team Johnny. I was disappointed that this wasn't an elimination match like I had expected. Instead everyone just jumped out of the ring and crashed on the floor leaving Santino and The Miz. Then Santino tagged in Zack Ryder who took care of The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Zack went for the Rough Ryder on The Miz, but The Miz launched Zack over his head and onto Dolph who crashed right out of the ring. Zack was then about to hit his other move on The Miz when Eve jumped in the ring and caused a distraction. Next thing you know The Miz hit Zack with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Team Johnny won. John is the General Manager of Raw and Smackdown. (Personally I would rather have Hogan or Sting lol). After the match, Teddy's teammates looked sad at Zack, like you let us down. Zack looked at Eve like WTF, and that's when Eve kicked Zack right in the balls and walked away with a smile on her face. What a Hoeski haha. 

WWE Championship. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. A pretty good match, but kind of simple. The only scary moment was when Punk did his corner knee smash into Jericho's face crushing the back of his head into the ring post while they were outside the ring. It was a match wrestling submission style match. They went back and forth between The Walls Of Jericho and The Anaconda Vise. Eventually it was Jericho that tapped out. I was disappointed to see it end that way. I think Jericho's goal in life is to recreate the Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat match from Wrestlemania 3. I think he should try to create something new. I would have rather seen this as an Iron-Man style match. Each of them could have scored several falls, both submission and pin-falls, using all of their moves. In the end Punk could have just had more. But to just have Jericho tap out and that's it seemed  disappointing to me.

The Rock vs John Cena. This is the one they were promoting for a year. And I think I was predicting outside interference, probably from The Miz. Well that never happened. There was no interference. It was a clean match, in fact the whole show was nothing but clean matches except for the Hell In A Cell match. No wrestlers used any tables or chairs, there wasn't really any blood. I can't remember the last Wrestlemania were they didn't break a single table. And even the Cell match was strange because they never used the Cell or even left the ring at all. The show is just too PG and too predictable now. But that's just my opinion.

Anyways, after both Rock and Cena used every one of their own moves, neither had scored a pin-fall or submission. Frustrated, Cena decided to go for a People's Elbow. Only when he came off the ropes, The Rock jumped up and caught him with a Rock Bottom which scored him the three count. The Rock won the match and Cena sat on the ramp outside the ring looking like he was going to cry. I was just happy to see The Rock win. I was worried it would be a case of The Rock passing the torch like Hogan did to him at Wrestlemania 18. Maybe they are setting up a rematch for next year. But they did call this match "Once In A Lifetime" so that kind of promises no rematches lol.

 The real highlight of the show was Brodus Clay's Dancing Mommas lol

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