Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poll Closed: Randy Orton vs Kane

Well this poll wasn't very close. It only received 38 votes because I started it very late since the match was only announced like 2 weeks ago. However, in only a short time I think a clear winner is obvious.
  •     Kane 12 (31%)
  •     Randy Orton 26 (68%)
Randy Orton received 68% of the votes so I think its clear he is the favourite going into this match at Wrestlemania. Despite not being able to defeat Kane's brother The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 21, maybe Randy can actually be Kane now at Wrestlemania 28.

In my opinion this should have been the World Championship Match! I hate Daniel Bryan since he has become the World Champion. And I resent Sheamus just like I resent Alberto Del Rio for being given too big of a push too soon before they have earned it. Neither of them deserved, in my opinion, to win the Royal Rumbles and Main Event Wrestlemanias!

Randy Orton and Kane deserve to be in the Main Event for the World Championship!

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