Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poll Closed: Team Teddy vs Team Johnny

This was a hard Poll to start since they waited till a week before Wrestlemania to announce the final members of each team. So it is hard to predict who will win a match when you don't know who is going to be in the match. But I think everyone just voted for which General Manager they like better. I think that is always a weakness of my Polls, everyone just treats them like a popularity contest. Everyone likes CM Punk or John Cena so they get the most votes. Teddy is the good guy, so he gets the most votes. The Babyfaces, aka the good guys, always win every Poll I have. But they don't win every match. I think Johnny has a stronger team, everyone on his team is a former main event world champion. Teddy has all the comedy guys on his team. Yet here are the results: 
  • Team Teddy 29 (74%)
  • Team Johnny 10 (25%)
Again, this poll received only 39 votes because it started so late, but its pretty clear, 74% voted for Team Teddy. I disagree, and I think the storyline is setting up for Johnny to take over Raw and Smackdown. And ignoring who the GM's are, Johnny built a much stronger team. 
  1. The Miz - WWE Champion (main event of Wrestlemania last year)
  2. Dolph Ziggler - World Champion
  3. Jack Swagger - World Champion
  4. Mark Henry - Wold Champion
  5. Drew McIntyre - Vince McMahon's "Chosen One"
  6. David Otunga - Mr. Jennifer Hudson lol
For the record, the original team when this storyline started months ago, was lead by Christian and Alberto Del Rio. So if you added Christian and Alberto instead of Otunga and McIntyre you would have an entire team of World Champions!

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