Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TNA Lockdown 2012

For the first time ever Lockdown started with the Lethal Lockdown Match. This match is basically like the poor man's Elimination Chamber lol. Instead of the big cage with the chambers TNA just has its regular cage but the open the door every 90 seconds to let another wrestler in. The other difference is that it is a team event. 5 members on each team, alternating team entries, until all 10 men are locked inside one very small cage. Once all 10 men are inside, the door is locked for good, and the roof of the cage is lowered down, with weapons hanging from the top. That is when all hell breaks loose lol. 

This year's match was the father vs son Bischoff war that would end the career of one. Eric's team consisted of Bully Ray, Gunner, Kazarian, and Daniels... oh and Eric would compete himself. Garrett (his son) had an all-star team that consisted of AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries, and the returning Rob Van Dam. Garrett started the match against Gunner, and the whole time the crowd chanted "We Want Aries!" which further proves the point I made in my early post about Aries where I said he was becoming the biggest start in TNA. Bully Ray came out next. Then Aries, with a huge pop from the crowd. Then Kazarian came out with his new look since he shaved his head. The crowd chanted "You look stupid!" haha. Then came Mr. Anderson, who did not receive much of a pop surprisingly. Then Daniels, who honestly is like a ratings killer lol. Then AJ Styles came out to the biggest pop of the night, he stormed into the ring and took out each member of Eric's team, receiving a bigger pop each time. I think AJ was out to prove he was still the top star in TNA not Aries. Finally Eric made his way to the ring and helped hold up his own son while his team members took turns striking him. But then Rob Van Dam came out and the place went crazy. He turned the match into a frenzy and then the cage roof lowered and the weapons came into the match. Hockey sticks, garbage cans, kendo sticks, and steal chairs. Soon everyone was knocked out around the ring and Eric came out of hiding, picked up a kendo stick, and gave his son the beating of a lifetime. Only when Eric turned his back on his fallen son to celebrate, Garret got up, picked up a Jeff Jarrett guitar and smashed it over his father's head, knocking him out, and getting the three count to win the match for his team! This meant that Eric is out of the company and can no longer use the Bischoff name. That was the stipulation for the match. 

Tag-Team Championship Match, Champions Magnus & Samoa Joe vs the Motorcity Machine Guns. I think everyone was as disappointed as I was when the Motorcity Machine Guns failed to win the match and the Tag-Team Championships. It was a pretty short and weak match to be honest. Nothing special happened, Joe and Magnus just hit their finisher and won the match, retaining the titles. 

Same with the Television Championship Match. The Champion Devon retained his title over former Champion Robbie E. It was a lame match, and Devon won it pretty easily. 

Knockout Championship Match. Once again, the Champion Gail Kim retained her title by defeating the #1 Contender Velvet Sky who finally got her rematch after loosing the title to Gail months ago. At one point both Knockouts were on the top rope in the corner, and it looked like Velvet was going to hit her finisher off the top rope. Instead she Sunset Flipped over Gail and Power-Bombed her in the middle of the ring. The crowd loved it, and it should have been the finish to the match. Instead Gail stole another victory. 

 By far the weakest match on the show was Crimsion vs Matt Morgan. I thought these two were finally going to settle this war once and for all and tare each other apart. I was sure Morgan was finally going to crush Crimsion and put an end to his stupid undefeated streak. Instead the match was a total joke and Morgan fell down and got his foot caught in the ropes and Crimsion climbed out of the cage for the win. It was awful... the big rumour is Morgan's contract is up and he is heading back to the WWE. If TNA keeps giving him matches like this I wouldn't blame him for leaving. But maybe that is why TNA is doing this, they are trying to make him look stupid so the WWE won't want him. 


The match that stole the show was Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy. This should have been the main event and for the TNA Championship. They are the two biggest stars in TNA and they keep having the best matches. Kurt recently backed out of the Olympic try outs because of a knee injury. Yet he decided to go ahead with this match anyways. You could see his knee was heavily wrapped and he was in pain. But he still put on a great match. At one point Kurt Angle had Hardy on the top rope in the corner and picked him up for the Angle Slam off the top rope. Hardy kicked out. Later, Hardy hit Angle with the Twist Of Fate, then a Swanton Bomb off the top rope. Instead of going for the cover, Hardy went across the ring and hit another Swanton Bomb off the top rope in the opposite corner. Angle kicked out. Angle put Hardy in the Ankle Lock, but Hardy wouldn't give up. Later, Hardy put Angle in the Ankle Lock and it looked like Angle was going to give up, but he fought out of it. Hardy actually used the Angle Slam on Kurt, but still didn't get the win. In the end, Hardy used another Twist Of Fate, but this time climbed to the very top corner of the cage, and delivered the Swanton Bomb from there. The crowd exploded and Hardy got the win! Great match, one of the best in TNA in a very long time! 

Then the joke match. TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions ODB and Eric Young defeated Sarita and Rosita. The match sucked. Honestly, I'm already bored of this ODB Eric Young thing. 

Then the main event for the TNA Championship. The Champion Bobby Roode vs his former Tag Team partner James Storm. The show was in Storm's hometown and all his friends and family were there. It seemed pretty obvious Storm was going to win. The match started outside the ring, all around the cage. Eventually they got inside and the match started. Storm was busted open, it was bloody. Roode was dominating the match. But the highlight in my opinion, Storm finally had Roode down, and was going to climb out of the cage. Instead, he turned around and jumped back into the cage. On his way down he caught Roode by the head and hit him with the Code-Breaker which sent Roode flying across the ring. The crowd exploded, it seemed like Storm had the match won. This could have been the finish. Instead, Storm went for the Last Call Super Kick, only the impact launched Roode crashing through the cage door and onto the floor. The crowd and Storm looked in shock as Roode won the match. It was such a shitty finish to a decent match. It was a very long build up for Storm to win the title just to have him ripped off and embarrassed in front of everyone he knew. 

When it was over, Storm picked up the title belt, but then threw it on the ground like he didn't want it. He then climbed over the guard rail and made his way into the crowd. It almost felt like he was quitting the company. But I'm sure that isn't the case. But didn't it seem like he was throwing down the title like he was saying he didn't want it anymore, and then walking out like CM Punk did when he quit the WWE? 

Anyways, the crash onto the floor apparently injured Roode's neck and he was carried out of the arena on a stretcher in a neck brace. With his title belt across him. 

I think Storm should have got the three count after his huge Code-Breaker. Then he should have Super Kicked Roode out of the ring to celebrate his win. Then Roode would have been stretchered out taking him off TV for a while, and Storm could have celebrated in the crowd with his family and friends holding his new TNA Championship. 

But just like when Roode failed to win at Bound For Glory because at the last minute Hulk Hogan changed his mind and decided Roode wasn't ready. The story I'm hearing is that once again Hogan changed his mind at the last minute. Storm was supposed to win the belt, but Hogan decided he wasn't ready. Hogan shouldn't be allowed to ruin months of build up just because he gets cold feet. Just give Storm the belt and get it over with. The sooner he wins the belt, the sooner he can drop it to someone else and we can move on. Unfortunately, after Storm's title reign is over the rumour is the next guy on deck for a title reign in TNA is Bully Ray, and I am not looking forward to that one either! 

It seemed like they gave the crowd what they wanted in the opening match when Eric Bischoff lost. But after that match it was as if they went out of their way to make sure every other match went badly and the wrong person won. Maybe they were trying to make sure the Bischoff match was the highlight of the show, but that wasn't the case after the Angle / Hardy match. But it was ridiculous. Every other match sucked. The wrong people won, the matches were short and boring. Velvet should have won the Knockouts Championship. The Motorcity Machine Guns should have won the Tag-Team Championships. Matt Morgan should have destroyed Crimsion. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that is what everyone watching the PPV wanted to see?

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