Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TNA Lockdown: News & Rumours

TNA had about 2,000 fans in a 9,000 seat arena in Nashville last night for the Lockdown 2012 PPV.

Fans in a number of markets that attended last night's TNA Lockdown PPV simulcast in movie theaters have stated that their events were canceled. The events, which were part of a partnership with Screenvision, were canceled due to technical issues. Fans attending were given refunds.

Eric Bischoff was said to have been the one who pushed for the UFC style way the ring entrances were shot at the Lockdown PPV.

The plan going forward is for Eric Bischoff to be off TNA television. Eric will still be working backstage as a top executive for the company.

TNA Star Kurt Angle claimed on his Twitter that he would be taking a little time off, but "not too long" due deal with his knee issue.

James Storm was originally planned to win the TNA World Title from Bobby Roode at Lockdown, but some felt that it wasn't the right decision and the plan was changed within the past two weeks.
After retaining the TNA World Title over James Storm in the Lockdown PPV main event, Bobby Roode was stretchered out of the arena in a neck brace. According to Bobby's Twitter, he was taken to a nearby hospital following James' Last Call Super-kick that knocked Roode out of the cage to give Bobby Roode a "victory" by "escaping the cage."

A picture of Bobby Roode in a neck brace was posted on his Twitter account along with a message reading, "(per request of Bobby before being taken to hospital). Hey James... Sorry about your damn luck."


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