Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Traci Brooks Done With TNA

Traci Brooks was removed from the TNA roster page, which usually indicates that the person has been fired or quit the company. Traci Brooks later confirmed that she is indeed done with TNA . She posted the following on her Twitter account: "Yes it's true my time w Tna has come to an end & what a great time I had. I love the Tna family and will miss everyone but will be watching every thurs!" Honestly, I'm sure she was only brought back into the company because she is married to Kazarian, but I doubt he really has much pull within the company. So a Knockout that can't wrestle really isn't going to be much use to the company. Kristy Hemme found a role as the ring announce, and So Cal Val does her thing, which basically consists of holding the ring ropes open for Ric Flair lol. But they have something to do. I assumed Traci was going to be running the Knockout's division after Karen Jarrett left the company, but I guess that isn't the case.

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