Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wrestlemania Day!

Well today is Wrestlemania! Remember its a 7pm start, and its a 4 hour show!

I have given all of the results for all of the polls we had for each match, but I thought I would share my final predictions...

Randy Orton will defeat Kane, but this match will be better than expected, and better than the World Championship match. 

Sheamus will defeat Daniel Bryan and win the World Championship. This should be the opening match since nobody cares!

The Big Show will defeat Cody Rhodes and win the Intercontinental Championship! This will be The Big Show's first singles win at Wrestlemania, and his first Intercontinental Championship, and I think he deserves both!

As I've said, Team Johnny is the stronger team and I think they are going to win. I hate Johnny and I wish they would fire him almost as much as I wish they would fire Micheal Cole, but its just not going to happen.

Divas Match... I don't care lol. 

WWE Championship... I really want Chris Jericho to win and become the WWE Champion and prove he is the best. I think Bret Hart should have been the special referee lol. I also think it would be great if Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and hit Punk with the Stunner to cost him the match. But I am sure without a doubt that Punk will win the match and retain the WWE Championship! Maybe Austin could hit him with the Stunner after the match lol. 

I really really really want The Rock to kick John Cena's ass! And I actually think it might happen. I think if Cena was going to win it would have been a Championship match. But I could be wrong about that. I have a bad feeling in my gut that the WWE brought The Rock back for this one match just to pass the torch to John Cena, and I really hope that isn't true. But I was cheering for Hogan against The Rock at Wrestlemania 18 and I was wrong about that one too. Still, I want The Rock to win, and The Rock is my pick to win!

Now the real main event in my mind... Hell In A Cell... Triple H vs The Undertaker... Special Referee Shawn Michaels. I am sure that The Undertaker will win and become 20-0 at Wrestlemania. But if it ever was going to end this would be the way to do it. DX inside the Cell. This is the toughest challenge The Undertaker has ever faced. And this is going to be the best match of the show... guaranteed! But in the end, they will have to find a way for The Undertaker to win. My guess, Shawn will screw Triple H just to make sure he doesn't do what Shawn couldn't do. And that will be a cool ending. But whatever they decided to do, The Undertaker WILL NOT LOSE!!!

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