Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Show Fired?

After WWE moved Big Show's profile to their Alumni roster, they continue to play up his firing by posting a video on of Show's final goodbye to the WWE Universe. During commercial break last night, Show stopped on the ramp on his way backstage, bowed to the fans and waved goodbye.

John Laurinaitis posted the following last night:

"Tonight, @WWETheBigShow forced me to make an example out of him. Let that be a lesson to the entire locker room. #Raw"

Meanwhile, WWE's website wonders who may get the axe next under the rule of John Laurinaitis:

"Under Laurinaitis' tumultuous reign, Big Show and The Bella Twins have both been handed their walking papers. If Laurinaitis defeats John Cena at WWE Over the Limit and continues to serve as the GM of Raw and SmackDown, one can only wonder who might be next to face his wrath."

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