Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rob Van Dam's Injury

Rob Van Dam was recently interviewed by WrestleShark. During the conversation, they discussed; the ladder match at TNA's Sacrifice and RVD's injury status.

On how he feels after his Ladder match at TNA's Sacrifice and whether or not he has new respect for Bobby Roode: 
"Pretty rough. [Laughs.] A little bit banged up but I enjoy having those kinds of matches. I enjoy showing how tough I am. I'm not out just to impress the fans, I'm out to impress the whole industry. So, I enjoy that. Walking around limping or whatever the next day -- that's part of the reward.

"... No, I wouldn't say [my opinion of Roode has changed]. I already knew he was a good wrestler. I feel like now we've been through one pretty decent battle together. So, I respect him for having been down that road with me. It was a pretty rough night that will probably stand out in both of our careers because matches like that do. So, it doesn't really change my opinion of him."

On whether or not he was injured at the pay-per-view: 
"No, I guess my elbow got skinned or something. [Laughs.] No. Like I said, I'm just banged up. When I'm injured, that's when I can't work and that almost never happens.

"It's happened twice in my career; when I had to give up the TV title in ECW when I broke my ankle and when I had to get knee surgery in WWE. I took a full year out. Those were pretty good injuries that'll stand out for me.

"With the other stuff, there are just too many factors involved with politics, bulls--t, story lines and blah, blah, blah. [Laughs.]"

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