Sunday, May 27, 2012

Is Brock Lesnar Heading Back To UFC?

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was sitting cageside at UFC 146 last night, and was shown on camera watching UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos defeat Frank Mir.

UFC President Dana White hinted at Lesnar returning to the organization at the evening's post-fight press conference. When asked if Lesnar's appearance meant anything, White smiled and replied, "maybe," before flat-out admitting the Lesnar may be headed back to the company. White went on to say that he hadn't spoken to Lesnar, but he would let everyone know if anything happens.
Paul Heyman was also in Las Vegas, the site of UFC 146, this week.

Lesnar re-signed with WWE in April and is contracted to appear for the company through Wrestlemania 29.

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  1. If he returns back to UFC or if he does both UFC and WWE then it will be clear that it was a well thought plan...

    it is clear.. he came from surgery and accepted fight ofcourse for money.. he knew he would loose.. cause he was injured.. then leave for wwe.. now that overeem is out, he wants to comeback.. i hopt they dont let him to back to UFC again.. it is not a joke, to leave whenever u want and comeback. agian.... be fake wrestler or just be a good fighter.. HE KNEW WAS GONNA LOOSE THE FIGTS AGAINST OVERREEEM.. THEN JOIN WWE.. FOR ONE YEAR..


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