Sunday, May 27, 2012

The New Billy Gunn... Dolph Ziggler

On current wrestlers were asked to name who they thought was the most under-rated wrestler of all time. Dolph Ziggler named Billy Gunn. I think that's interesting since Dolph Ziggler looks like a modern version of Mr. Ass Billy Gunn. Similar hair and shorts, same cocky attitude, and Dolph even uses Billy's "Fameasser" as one of his signature moves. 

At first I thought Dolph Ziggler was the next Mr. Perfect Kurt Henning. He wrestled just like him, using a lot of the same moves. Dolph even came out to a song referring to him as "perfection" which seemed like a play on Mr. Perfect. But Dolph got rid of that song and changed his character from "perfection" to "show off" which seems a bit more like Billy Gunn. 


I'm just worried that Dolph's career is heading the same way as Billy Gunn's and Kurt Henning's. Both failed to live up to their potential in my opinion. Dolph must feel the same way about Billy since he named him the most under-rated wrestler. 

Kurt Henning was one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time... but that is about it.

Billy Gunn was a great tag-team wrestler with both The Smoking Gunns and The New Age Outlaws. He was also a part of Degeneration X. But after DX and his tag-teams fell apart Billy failed as a singles wrestler, even after winning the King Of The Ring. The WWE decided to put him back into a tag-team after he failed as "The One Billy Gunn" and was put in a team with Chuck Palumbo known as Billy And Chuck. They were openly gay and even tried to get married on Smackdown. It was pretty much the end of both of their careers.


Well Dolph seemed unstoppable, winning the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship and even the World Championship. But since then Dolph has failed to capture the WWE Championship and was then put into a tag-team with Jack Swagger who was also struggling since winning the Money In The Bank and World Championship. I guess the WWE decided that since both of their stocks were falling rapidly they could pool their talents and save their careers with a successful tag-team run. Only as a team they have failed to win the Tag-Team Championships on several occasions. 

So it seems now that they are failing as a team, and after each had failed on their own. Things are not looking good for either of them right now. I just hope in 10 years when current WWE superstars are asked who was one of the most under-rated wrestlers of all time no one has to mention Dolph Ziggler.

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  1. The Show Off is definitely making a comeback, to the delight of many a Ziggler fan. His feud with Alberto Del Rio gave him a chance to make an apparently much-needed face turn and a way to get out of the ragtag trio that was him, A.J. Lee and Big E Langston. AJ has an impressively (if not annoying) long reign as Diva's Champion, Big E is the new Intercontinental Champion and having Main Event matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and John Cena and Ziggler is going head-to-head with the Viper Randy Orton for what I am hoping is a legitimate title shot that won't end in a loss with no way back to the top. This has been one of the best moves and possible rises to greatness I have seen all year. Hopefully he can show the world that he is still very capable and deserving of the limelight.


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