Monday, June 11, 2012

The Birth Of D-Generation X

By the time the summer of 1997 rolled around, the New World Order had already become a phenomenon both in WCW and mainstream media. And on the heels of the nWo's surge in popularity, WCW had consistently beaten WWE in the ratings during the Monday Night Wars. WWE needed an answer to the nWo to take back control of the Monday night live television head-to-head battle and found it during the “Attitude Era.”

When Triple H, Chyna and Rick Rude interfered in Shawn Michaels' match against Mankind on Raw, little did the WWE Universe know the wheels began turning for something much bigger and wilder than ever imagined. That simple act of collusion set in motion a series of incidents in the weeks to come that laid the foundation for the incendiary faction known as D-Generation X – a gang of trash-talking rebels who pushed the envelope and terrorized their enemies with outrageous antics. DX was also responsible for some of the most notorious events in Raw's history, including a surreal invasion of WCW Monday Nitro aboard an army tank on April 27, 1998.

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