Monday, June 18, 2012

How To Save The WWE Today

It seems like the WWE has become a sinking ship lately. John Cena, who is the franchise, has had one stupid storyline after another lately. Randy Orton, who was moved to Smackdown to take over after Edge retired, has been suspended and might be fired. I don't think Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio are main event wrestlers yet. Neither of them should have won the Royal Rumble or the WWE Championship yet in their careers, but eventually. The Tag-Team division is a total joke, and and doesn't look like its getting any better. But worst of all, the secondary championships (United States and Intercontinental) have become such a joke they should almost be scrapped completely. 

Recently, Dolph Ziggler had a great run with the United States Championship, and then passed the torch to Zack Ryder. He should have held the title for a very long time and had some great matches and storylines with it. But that never happened. He lost it to Jack Swagger, who again could have had a good run with it, but didn't. Instead, it has been with Santino Marrella for longer than it was with Swagger and Ryder combined. Does that make sense to anyone? To make matters worse, no wrestler wants to face Santino for the title, or be defeated by Santino, so as a result he is in a feud with a ring announcer. They had a tuxedo match on this past PPV No Way Out... what kind of a joke is that? 

Meanwhile, on Smackdown, Cody Rhodes won the Intercontinental Championship and brought back the old school belt to the delight of fans. But he recently dropped it to Christian who is not really a champion in my opinion. Especially now that he is old and washed up. After his run in TNA, Christian returned to ECW and was the ECW Champion. That was a decent role for him. But after Edge retired Christian suddenly found himself in a World Championship feud with Randy Orton. This only showed how much Christian did not belong in a main event role in my opinion. So while he has been bumped back down to a secondary championship role, I just don't think the WWE should be wasting anymore time trying to build up Christian. Instead, they should be using those secondary championships, as well as their tag-team championships to put over the young up and coming future main event wrestlers. 

If I was in charge... I would have Dolph Zigger, who failed to win the World Championship at No Way Out, challenge Christian and defeat him for the Intercontinental Championship. Then I would have Cody Rhodes challenge Santino for the United States Championship and win. Suddenly you would go from having your champions as Christian and Santino to having Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. Those are two future main event wrestlers and possible hall of fame wrestlers. Christian and Santino have peaked and should be put in other smaller roles. I would even have Dolph and Cody team up and win the Tag-Team Championships because R-Truth has a broken foot and there are no other teams, especially good heel teams to take the titles from him and Kofi Kingston but they need a change. Have Kofi going back to singles matches and give Cody and Dolph a chance as a Tag-Team. 

I think that would effectively save both secondary titles, and the tag-team titles, and prepare both wrestlers for a role in the main event. Eventually their team would break up and they would feud with each other and the winner could get that next main event spot. I think each of them should win Money In The Bank as well. There is so much potential to build up superstars, why are they wasting them all? And why don't they bring back the King Of The Ring and have some serious names win it and move up the ladder?

Just a few ideas I thought might turn things around!

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