Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wrong One Legged Wrestler Story

When Vince McMahon came to Raw to give John Laurinaitis his evaluation, he basically just listed off every stupid move he had ever made in the WWE. The one that seemed to catch the most attention was when Vince said John had once hired the wrong one legged wrestler lol. Well everyone seems to want to know the whole story. Well I guess before Zack Gowen was signed by the WWE, he had a dark match in TNA that impressed everyone. Jim Ross heard about it and told Laurinaitis to go sign that one legged wrestler. Well apparently Laurinaitis had no idea who this kid was, so he made some calls and found a one legged wrestler in Florida. This guy happened to be a huge bodybuilder that wore his artificial leg while he wrestled. So needless to say, when this guy walked into JR's office he was not the guy JR had wanted to sign. Laurinaitis had hired the wrong guy and as a result JR had to fire him. 

I still think the worst think Laurinaitis ever did was when he told Sid Vicious in WCW to try a move off the top rope. That move caused Sid to snap his leg in half, right through his boot... almost making Sid a one legged wrestler!

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