Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slammiversary X (2012)

I assume this is TNA's version of Wrestlemania? I can never really be sure. But it seemed to be their biggest show of the year. They even announced the very first inductee into the newly created TNA Hall Of Fame. I was shocked it wasn't TNA founder Jeff Jarrett, but rather Sting. I'm still really happy it was Sting, since he might not get inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame since he has never worked for them. 

The opening match was great. Austin Aries defeated Samoa Joe. I was really hoping to see Aries vs AJ Styles to see who really is the greatest X Division Champion of all time, but I guess we will have to wait to see that one. 

There were some pretty crappy matches on the PPV as per usual, so I won't bother going over them all. Just skip to the good stuff lol. 

There was a triple threat match to determine the new number one contender for the TNA Championship between Rob Van Dan, Ken Anderson, and Jeff Hardy. Basically the three best wrestlers in TNA, and yet none of them have held a championship in as long as I can remember. I think since AJ didn't face Aries they should have had Aries vs Hardy, that could have been an amazing match! Anderson should be the Television Champion instead of Devon. He could have faced Rob Van Dam. Anything, just give them some titles, make two of them Tag-Team Champions. Regardless, this was still a great match. I thought Hardy would win, but that wasn't the case. After hitting the Swanton-Bomb, Hardy had it won, but Anderson pulled the ref out of the ring and then threw Hardy out of the ring. After RVD tried to go for the Rolling-Thunder, Anderson caught him in the Mic-Check and got the win. Anderson will get a title shot against the TNA Champion on Impact this Thursday! 

Crimson came out to issue his open challenge for his undefeated streak, which he claims is greater than Goldberg's streak. The crowd was chanting for Goldberg to come out and end Crimson's streak, and for a brief moment I actually thought it might happen. Wouldn't it have been great if Goldberg came out and just destroyed Crimsion? Well that didn't happen. Instead, James Storm made his return to the ring and ended the streak of Crimson. 

Bully Ray was set to face Joseph Park, the brother of Abyss, and I couldn't help but wonder if Abyss was going to come out to help Joseph Park or if he was actually Abyss. I'm not sure if that question was answered, but I think its pretty obvious that he is Abyss lol. At one point Joseph rolled outside and went under the ring. Bully Ray turned around only to find out that Abyss had come out the other side of the ring, and Choke-Slammed him through a table. Abyss then went back under the ring, and Joseph came out the other side and covered Bully for the win. It was pretty funny. 

One of my personal favourite matches of the show was the Knockouts match, because Tessmacher is the hottest Knockout or Diva of all time! She was given her second chance at Gail Kim's Knockout Championship, and this time in her home state of Texas she did not disappoint! Gail dominated the whole match, and was about to hit her finisher, Eat-Defeat, but decided to go for Tessmacher's finisher, the Tess-Shocker, instead. Well Tessmacher reversed the move into a roll-up and got the win. (Yes, a woman's match that ended in a roll-up lol). But it was worth it just to see Tessmacher win the gold. 

The best match of the whole PPV was the Tag-Team Championship match. The Champions, Daniels and Kazarian vs the challengers Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. I can't really think of a better team combination than that. Kurt Angle is the best mat wrestler, the best suplex machine, and the best submission wrestler in the world in my opinion. And AJ Styles is the fastest wrestler, and the best high flying wrestler in the world in my opinion as well. So if you combine those two you have all aspects of wrestling covered in one team. It wouldn't matter who they faced, they would have all their bases covered. But first they would have to win the Tag-Team Championships, and that is exactly what they did! Lets go over the highlights... 
  • AJ slid under the guardrail and then jumped off the guard rail and into Kazarian.
  • AJ got his leg tied up in the ropes and looked like he snapped his knee when he fell backwards.
  • Angle put on a German-Suplex clinic, repeatedly suplexing Daniels and Kazarian.
  • After two German-Suplexes to Kazarian, Angle went for a third, but Kazarian grabbed onto Daniels, who was holding onto the ropes, but AJ kicked Daniels from outside the ring... and Angle German-Suplexed both Kazarian and Daniels at the same time!
  • AJ did his Moonsault where he hooks the guys head for a Reverse-DDT, at the same time grabbed Daniels for a normal DDT.
  • Daniels went for the BME (Best Moonsault Ever), AJ rolled out of the way, Daniels landed on his feet, Angle caught him and gave him a full flip German-Suplex with Daniels landing on his face.
  • Angle did a Frog-Splash.
  • AJ did a Shooting-Star-Press off the top rope to hit Daniels outside the ring, all the way on the ramp. 
  • Angle locked the Ankle-Lock on Kazarian, and he tapped out!
The main event for the TNA Championship. The Champion Bobby Roode vs Sting. Not much of a match, but I really thought Sting was going to win the title. Every time Sting makes his return he always seems to win the title. But not this time. Sting made Roode tap out on top of the announce table, and acted like he didn't know he needed to do it in the ring lol. When he threw Roode back in the ring, nobody apparently noticed that Roode had grabbed the six-pack of beer that just happened to be sitting next to the new announce table at ringside. Roode tried to hit Sting with a beer bottle, Sting caught it, and the ref took it away. While the ref was conveniently gone, Roode grabbed one of the other 5 bottles he had brought into the ring, and hit Sting in the face with it. It actually looked like the bottle didn't break, and I was worried they forgot to use a fake bottle and Sting might really be knocked out. But when the ref went in to make the count I noticed broken glass all over the ring. Apparently the ref didn't notice the glass or the case with 4 beers still in it though lol, because he made the three-count and gave Roode the win. What a joke.  

After the match, Sting was bleeding from his forehead. He attacked Roode and the ref. He took Roode up the ramp, and gave him the Scorpion Death Drop off the stage through an announce table on the concrete floor below. Unfortunately, while Roode hit the table, Sting's head hit the concrete floor and the corner of some staging. It looked like he cracked open the back of his head as bad as his forehead. My guess, two concussions for Sting lol. Not a great match, and some bad bumps for Sting. I think the Icon deserves better than this, especially on the night he was announced as the first inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame!

WWE's current Intercontinental Champion Christian showed up at TNA's PPV. That was very shocking. But if you know the deal TNA made with the WWE, when they let Ric Flair attend the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony, the WWE had to give them one of their stars for one night. It was basically a player to be named later kind of deal. Well I guess Christian was that player to be named later. I assumed the wrestler that appeared would compete but I guess I was wrong. He basically just walked to the ring, said hello, made a joke about the number of corners in the ring, and then left. Well, thanks for coming out lol.

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