Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sting Interview

On his near jump to the WWE and the undertaker:
“I was close to signing with the WWE. I’d have faced Undertaker at WrestleMania. It wasn’t to be and we couldn’t come to an agreement. He was the only person I’d want to wrestle there."

On facing younger talent:
“I’d like to fight Undertaker, but here in TNA I think I could go well with some of the younger guys too. Especially a guy like Magnus.”

On retiring from wrestling:
“This year, especially, I have felt more motivated than ever. I’m having fun out there.
“I think when I do retire from wrestling I would like to work behind the scenes and maybe even do something in creative. I’m really beginning to see things form that side of the camera more.”

On who he thinks are the future of TNA:
“When I look at the guys and think of who has the ability to step up and be the future stars of TNA I look to people like Magnus, Austin Aries, James Storm and of course the World Champion Bobby Roode.”

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