Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rumours I've Heard

Rob Van Dam is finished with TNA and ready to return to the WWE. That is why RVD dropped the X-Division Championship, so that he could part ways with the company. Of course they tried to embarrass him and have him lose to Kenny King, but it won't phase RVD.

Jeff Hardy was also all set to leave TNA and return to the WWE, but that is why TNA quickly changed its plans and made Hardy their Champion. But now that he has dropped that title to Bully Ray he is ready to leave TNA for good. He should be returning to the WWE along with RVD.

Batista is apparently backstage at WWE shows including Wrestlemania. After failing in the world of MMA Batista is apparently ready to make his return to the WWE ring. But will fans welcome him back?

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