Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wrestlemania 29

Pre-Show, which I did not see, the Miz defeated Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. I thought this was a bad idea. I liked the idea of Chris Jericho winning his record setting 10th Intercontinental Championship. I was also thinking that Zack Ryder should have shocked the world in the opening match of Wrestlemania by winning the IC title.

The United States Champion didn't even have a match. I like Antonio Cesaro but he is a boring champion. I would have had Ryback defeat him as the first American to do so at the Tribute to the Troops and have had Ryback as the US Champ. I might have had Swagger with the belt since he is the American character now. But I would have wanted to do the Ryback undefeated streak all the way to Wrestlemania where he would have been tied with Goldberg's record and have had to face Goldberg and defeat him to break the record.

The 6-Man tag-team match was the opening match of the PPV. It was a horrible disappointment. Randy Orton refused to tag in the Big Show and lost the match. A few good moves, but why waste these big stars on an opening match with 3 rookies. Sheamus should have been facing the Big Show because they had great matches all year. Randy Orton should be walking into Wrestlemania as World Champion in a main event, not an opening match.

No Divas match at all, which was bad. I don't remember the last Wrestlemania without one. I was hoping to see AJ defeat Kaitlyn to become the new Divas Champion.

The worst moment of the PPV was when Jericho lost to Fandango. Why was Jericho even in this match? Last year Jericho was in the main event against CM Punk for the WWE Championship. This year he is in an opening match against a rookie that doesn't deserve to even be on Wrestlemania.

Ryback vs Mark Henry. I thought this was a passing of the torch to the new strongest man in the WWE. Ryback picked up Henry but then dropped to the mat with Henry landing on the back of his head.  Henry got the pin and won the match. After the match Ryback picked up Henry again and marched around the ring and delivered the Shell Shock. It was impressive. Ryback should have won the match and this probably should have been the United States Championship match.

Team Hell No defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. AJ gave Ziggler the kiss of death before the match and Bryan kicked Ziggler's head off and everyone thought it would be another quick win, but Dolph kicked out. It was a decent match, and I wanted Dolph to win the Tag-Team Championships, but that wasn't the case. Team Hell No walked away with the belts. It only seemed fitting to me that on the same night I expected Ziggler to become World Champion again he would become Tag-Team Champion for the first time. I assumed he would cash in his Money In The Bank contract after the title match later.

That was the worst match on the show. Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger. After all that build up you would expect a great match, but that didn't happen. Swagger is boring to begin with, and Alberto is the worst in the WWE in my opinion. He is bad on the mic and his big finishing move is an arm bar. After months of Swagger and Zeb shooting off their mouths, Swagger tapped out to the arm-bar just like everyone else.

I wanted to see Brock Lesnar end Triple H's career. I'm sick of Triple H. He needs to retire and run the company. Brock Lesnar is scarier than ever and should have won every title in the WWE this year and should be World Champion right now. But Triple H managed to pedigree Brock onto the steel ring steps that Brock had brought in the ring after hitting Brock in the face with his sledge-hammer. I was disappointed. Triple H will still retire this year, and how does this help Brock who should be a champion in this company today.

There wasn't match build up as usual for the Undertaker match. But CM Punk did a lot in a short amount of time. He stole the urn from the Undertaker, interrupted the moment for Paul Bearer, dumped the ashes from the urn all over the Undertaker. Paul Heyman dressed up as Paul Bearer, which apparently really upset Paul Bearer's son who had already given them permission to do this skit. Punk came out in dark purple, presumably the same colours the Undertaker started out in back in the 1980s. Punk messed up the top rope dive to the Spanish announce table which did not break when he crashed into it. Looked like he hurt his knee as he landed on it, hopefully not the same knee he had surgery on. Honestly, Punk seemed to be off his game, he messed up a few moves and the match was not as good as I expected. But the Undertaker seemed to be as good as ever. The scary moment was when the Undertake went for the Last Ride but Heyman had handed Punk the urn and he struck the Undertaker on the top of the head and went for the pin. The streak could have ended right there, but the Undertaker kicked out. In the end, the Undertaker hit another Tombstone and this time Punk stayed down. The streak continues to 21-0.

The main event was once again, John Cena vs The Rock, only this time it was for the WWE Championship. I thought the match was even worse than the one last year. Each wrestler proved they only had one move. John Cena just kept using the AA and the Rock just kept using the Rock Bottom. I lost count of how many times each wrestler used their one move or attempted their one move. I think at one point they had blocked each others finisher several times in a row and the crowd was just chanting boring. That's how bad it was. The proper finish would have been when Cena went for the People's Elbow but tricked the Rock into the AA. But the Rock kicked out just to have them do another AA which seemed dragged out and as if they lost the momentum. Either way, Cena won. Despite the Rock swearing that this would not be a torch passing match, that's all it was. Like when the Rock beat Hogan, the Rock raised Cena's hand and passed him the torch. Clearly the Rock is not coming back. Cena gave Rock the spotlight to say his goodbyes. After the match the Rock looked sad as he said goodbye and raised Cena's hand. It was sad to watch.

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