Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TNA Lockdown 2013

TNA's Lockdown PPV was pretty good this year. I should have written about it sooner but I was too occupied with Wrestlemania...

The opening match re-defined the Triple-Threat Match. It was for the X-Division Championship, and it was between the Champion Kenny King, former Champion Zema Ion, and my pick to win the match Christian York. Right off the start, I thought Kenny King was out of the match when he tried to do a back flip off Zema Ion who was between the ropes backwards onto York who was outside the ring by the guard rail, only Kenny slipped and went backwards head-first into the guard rail. He recovered and went on to win the match but it was amazing and he was the least impressive of the three. Zema Ion stole the show but I still think York should have won the title. 

Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship. Gail Kim attacked the referee Taren and caused her to attack Gail and allow Velvet to defeat Gail for the Championship. It was a decent match. I love how TNA actually lets the women wrestle. They have good matches. And they all look amazing. I just wish my two favourites would have some matches. Velvet Sky vs Miss Tessmacher. 

The other matches weren't really worth mentioning, but the main event was shocking...

Bully Ray defeated Jeff Hardy in the main event inside a steel cage to win the TNA Championship with the help of the Aces And Eights. Bully Ray was revealed to be the leader of the Aces And Eights. I saw this coming but was hoping Jeff Jarrett would have been brought in as their leader, to destroy the company that he created but no longer owns. I guess that will never happen now. But Bully Ray makes sense. He was always the bad guy, and his good guy image seemed fake. The wedding to Brooke Hogan was lame and no one liked seeing Bully Ray as Hulk Hogan's new son-in-law. Now he turns on the Hogan Family. He used Brooke and tricked Hulk. This was reminiscent of the forming of the NWO at Bash At The Beach when Hulk Hogan turned heel. The crowd hated it and threw garbage at the ring. It was exciting but at the same time really pissed me off just like it did to all the fans there. 

The Aces And Eights have gone on too long and have been too boring. They have added too many guys and its getting too much. They should have kept it smaller and ended the storyline sooner. Bully Ray should not be Champion too long because it will get extremely old very fast. Now Rob Van Dam has left TNA and signed a new two year contract with the WWE and its rumoured that Jeff Hardy will do the same next. So that doesn't leave TNA with too much. The next TNA Champion should be James Storm since he deserves the belt and is the next biggest star they have left. 

I assumed Mr. Anderson would have turned on the Aces And Eights and would be revealed to have been a plant by Hogan all along, a spy on the inside. And in the big Lockdown match with Team Aces And Eights vs Team Sting / TNA I would have had Anderson come in last for the Aces And Eights but join team Sting / TNA and help them win causing the Aces And Eights to be destroyed. It would have made Anderson a major star again and got rid of the Aces And Eights angle. 

Its rumoured now that AJ Styles will be the next to join the Aces And Eights. They seem to be expanding the group now and only building this storyline more. So I am losing interest in TNA. But Lockdown was a good PPV and they still have potential. Especially since they are on the road and out of the Impact Zone. They just shouldn't have lost Rob Van Dam! 

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