Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wrestlemania My Way

As the pre-show I would have NXT. In the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Dean Ambrose would have defeated Big E Langston to win the NXT Championship with the help of the Shield. But then Big E would have won it back in a cage match. So at Wrestlemania 29 in the pre-show, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins would have won the NXT Tag-Team Championships, and Roman Reigns would have defeated Big E for the NXT Championship... the Shield would hold all the gold in NXT.

Opening Match, for the Intercontinental Championship. Dolph Ziggler would have been the Intercontinental Champion since he won the Money In The Bank briefcase. He would have beaten everyone all year with the help of AJ and Big E. But in the opening match of Wrestlemania 29 he would have lost the title to Zack Ryder who had just put his Internet Championship on the line for the first time in the WWE ring and at Wrestlemania. Ziggler had wanted the Internet Championship to get back at Ryder for defeating him for the United States Championship. But Ryder would have won the match when Big E accidentally knocked Ziggler out with the steel briefcase while AJ had the referee distracted. This would have slip them all up. And Zack Ryder would be a major star holding and defending the Intercontinental Championship for the better part of the next year.

Ryback would have won the United States Championship from Antonio Cesaro at the Tribute to the Troops being the first American to defeat Cesaro. Ryback would have been undefeated still. He would have lost the title to Jack Swagger the night Jack Swagger returned. Swagger would have knocked Ryback out of the ring, that's when Zeb would have come out for the first time, and interfered keeping Ryback from getting back to the ring. Ryback would have been counted out and the stipulation on the match would have been disqualification or count out and the title goes to Swagger. So Swagger would have won the belt but Ryback would still be undefeated. Their big re-match would have been at Wrestlemania. If Ryback wins this match he ties Goldberg's undefeated streak. If he loses he falls one match short. Ryback would of course win the match, win the United States Championship back, and tie Goldberg's undefeated streak. That is when Goldberg's music would hit and Goldberg would come out to challenge Ryback right then and there, for the United States Championship and to make sure he doesn't break Goldberg's record. Ryback would defeat Goldberg to break the record and have one more win than Goldberg's streak.

Divas Championship Match, AJ Lee would have defeated Kaitlyn to become the new Divas Champion. AJ has been the top Diva in the WWE for the past year and has not even received a title match. Its time for her to be Divas Champion. And it would make perfect sense, her and Kaitlyn used to be best friends, they could have a great rivalry now.

Its time for Team Hell No to split up and drop the Tag-Team Championships. The only problem is, there is not another decent Tag-Team in the WWE. So there is no one good enough to take the titles from them. Maybe the Prime Time Players lol.

I was thinking that they should have had Chris Jericho win the World Championship in the Elimination Chamber only to have Dolph Ziggler come out and cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase. I thought it could come down to Jericho and the Big Show (after Sheamus, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, and Mark Henry had been eliminated). I thought Jericho could jump off the top of the pod in the corner into the middle of the ring landing into a Code-Breaker on the Big Show. The crowd would go crazy. Jericho would barley be able to make the cover after that move. He would get the three-count and win the match and the World Championship. But by the time Jericho got to his feet the Big Show would have gotten to his feet as well. As they presented Jericho the title and he started to celebrate he would turn around just in time to get the Knock-Out Punch from the Big Show, who would walk away leaving the new World Champion knocked out in the center of the ring. The Big Show would have thrown the World Championship down on top of the unconscious Jericho. That is when Dolph Ziggler's music would hit. The crowd would explode. And Ziggler would cover Chris Jericho, who would kick out, but then Ziggler would hit the Zig-Zag and then get the cover and the three-count to win the World Championship. Ziggler would carry the title into Wrestlemania where he would have a re-match with Jericho.

But I liked the idea of Ziggler saving the briefcase until Wrestlemania. And I like the Intercontinental Championship vs the Internet Championship match, and having Zack Ryder unite those two championships.

So instead I would have Randy Orton walk into Wrestlemania as World Champion, which he would have had been for most of the past year. Since the great rivalry between Sheamus and the Big Show. And those three would have a Triple Threat Match for the World Championship at Wrestlemania 29. One great moment in the match would be when the Big Show hits Randy with the Knock-Out Punch and as Randy is spun around and unconscious Sheamus runs across the ring and hits him with the Brogue-Kick putting him out cold. But I think at the end I would have Sheamus finally knock out the Big Show with the Brogue-Kick just as Randy gets up and hits him with the RKO for the win.

When CM Punk faced the Undertaker. I would have had the Shield come down to the ring just as the Undertaker had hit the Tombstone for the win. The crowd would be upset. The Shield would come down and destroy the referee and the Undertaker. They would hit the Triple-Power-Bomb on the Undertaker. That is when Brad Maddox would come running to the ring in a referees shirt. The crowd would sense the fix. But as Brad counts 1 and 2, the crowd going nuts, Brad would stop and flip-off Punk. As Punk jumped up and came after Maddox he would drop down and hit Punk with the same low-blow he used on Ryback. The Shield would chase Brad away from ringside through the crowd. Paul Heyman would roll the original referee back into the ring and screamed for Punk to cover the Undertaker. Either the Undertaker would kick out and then take out Heyman and Punk and win the match. Or Kane would come out and take over Heyman and Punk and help the Undertaker win the match.

Although I would have liked to have seen CM Punk vs John Cena in the main event since they had the best feud all year. They could have made it into a Triple Threat Match with CM Punk vs John Cena vs The Rock. But imagine if they could have brought Stone Cold Steve Austin into the match as a Fatal Four-Way. Or just have CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and let the Rock and John Cena have their match. Though if you have the Fatal-Four-Way there is the chance Stone Cold Steve Austin could win the WWE Championship and shock the world!

But the best idea I think I have had would be for the Triple H vs Brock Lesnar match. This one could set up the entire year for the WWE. And its so simple. The match could have played out basically the same as it did, though I would have had both bleeding. But in the end, it is CM Punk that comes out and interferes, costing Triple H the match. CM Punk takes out Shawn Michaels. The he helps Brock Lesnar take out Triple H. An added stipulation for this match, on top of the loser having to retire, the winner becomes the number one contender for the World Championship (or the WWE Championship). This way, Triple H is forced into retirement and has to assume the position of running the WWE. Triple H would take over running Raw and Smackdown. But Brock Lesnar would be the new number one contender. CM Punk would now be the WWE Champion. And Brock Lesnar would have a big match with Randy Orton and become World Champion. As a team, Lesnar and Punk, managed by Heyman could become Tag-Team Champions. There would finally be a team better than Team Hell No. Have them win all the gold. Make sure Punk has won both the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship, and then have Lesnar win the both since he has never held any title except for the WWE Championship. However, the only thing that can stop them is the new boss Triple H, whose career they ended. And now his only goal in running the WWE is stopping them and getting revenge on them.

Triple H would bring in anyone that he thought could stop them. Triple H would re-sign wrestlers like Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam to take on CM Punk for the WWE Championship. And he would re-sign wrestlers like Bobby Lashley, Goldberg, and Batista to take on Brock Lesnar. Maybe he could even re-sign Kurt Angle, the only one that could ever defeat Brock Lesnar.

This is how I would have ran the last year, and built up the Wrestlemania feuds and set up the following year of the WWE. I think Vince should hire me right now! 

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