Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Would Do With The Aces And Eights

The Aces And Eights have been going on for too long and they haven't done anything major yet asside from Bully Ray stealing the title. I think they need to either have a major push or be dropped all together. 

The already have Bully Ray as the TNA Champion and Devon as the Television Champion. I think they should take all the gold. Perhaps just on an open fight night. They could start calling out all the remaining champions and just take all the gold. It could be known as the 'night the Aces And Eights took over' because that is exactly what they will do. 

I would have the show start with the Aces And Eights surrounding the ring and Bully Ray in the middle on the mic saying that this night is open fight night and the Aces And Eights are running the show and taking over. 

Then I would have Bully call Ken Anderson into the ring and tell him that he is up first. Anderson would call out the X-Division Champion Kenny King and with the Aces And Eights working as his lumber-jacks Anderson would win his first X-Division Championship. 


Then I would have Bully Ray back in the ring after the break and he would call Doc and Knox into the ring and tell them that he was putting them together as the tag-team of the Aces And Eights. They are the two biggest members, both from the WWE, they are monsters. They will be like the twin towers, the enforcers of the Aces And Eights. They could be like Demolition of the Legion Of Doom (Road Warriors). They could come up with a name for their team. Bully could call them anything he wants. 

They would call out the tag-team champions who I belive is still Chavo and Hernandaz. Again with the help of the Aces And Eights lumber-jacks, the new tag-team would destroy Chavo and Hernandaz and win the match and become the new TNA Tag-Team Champions. 

The next segment would be the TNA Gut Check. I keep thinking that Garrett Bischoff was a Gut Check winner but he just had the match with Wes Brisco when Wes won his contract. So I kind of want to have Garrett compete as a Gut Check contestant so he can officially win a contract as well. But since he is already part of the team and on the show it might seem redundent. So instead I would just have him in Wes Brisco's corner as his partner / mangaer for this Gut Check part.

I would have Bully Ray announce next that they will be having a Gut Check battle royal to crown the first ever Gut Check Champion. TNA doesn't need another belt obviously, so I was thinking it could just be a trophy. However, it would be funnier if it was a gold medal for the connection with Wes and Kurt Angle. 

I would have all of the previous Gut Check winners come out to the ring. Alex Silva, Sam Shaw, Christian York, Jay Bradley, and even though he didn't win and get a contract because he's still in TNA you could even include Joey Ryan. Most of them have been pretty disapointing, except for Christian York who should be the X-Division Champion. 


Instead of a battle royal I would make it a fatal four way. I would have Christian York defeat and eliminat all of the other three: Alex Silva, Sam Shaw, and Jay Bradley. York would be the winner but would then have to face Wes Brisco one on one in the finals for the Championship. Of Course Garrett would help Wes and they would defeat York making Wes Brisco the first ever TNA Gut Check Champion! 

To be fair you could also have a match between the only two female Gut Check winners to crown a Miss Gut Check. Ivelisse Vélez vs Taeler Hendrix. I would have Taeler win. She seems like the better of the two. I don't know if you can connect this to the Aces And Eights since they don't have any female members and I don't know if adding one would fit their whole story. But if they were going to add one I would go with Taeler. 

Now you would have had such an amazing show. Taeler Hendrix is the TNA Miss Gut Check. Wes Brisco is the TNA Gut Check Champion. Ken Anderson is the X-Division Champion. And Doc and Knox are the TNA Tag-Team Champions. 

For the main event I would have Bully Ray team up with Devon for the first time since the Team 3D split up. They would take on the two people they defeated to win their titles in a tag-tam table match for the main event. Those two wresters were Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy. The Dudleys would obviously win the table match since this is Aces And Eights night and they would have their lumber-jacks around the ring. But what an amazing match that could be. 

This would be the epic night that would make everyone remember the Aces and Eights. But it would also cause all of TNA to rise up against them. It would pose the question who can stop the Aces And Eights? Who can take the titles back from them? I think this would make the whole story line mean something and work like it should have. What do you all think?

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