Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Is Up With AJ Styles?

AJ Styles, considered the greatest TNA star of all time, has disappeared from the spotlight. Not competing since his first ever loss to Christopher Daniels.

He was seen at home acting strange. His hair has grown out, he is dressed in a leather jacket riding a motorcycle. He seems like a member of the Aces And Eights if I didn't know better. His wife and best friend are acting like they don't know him anymore.

All this after the whole affair with Dixie Carter storyline which turned into the Clare Lyntch debacle. Maybe they pushed AJ to far and he finally snapped. But I think this could be a great Heel turn. I hope he doesn't join the Aces And Eights because that story has been over-played and they already have too many members as it is.

I just want to see AJ back in the ring, and I'm fine with a change of chacater. Just don't ruin him. Give him an edge. A darker AJ Styles. I'm thinking he could join Daniels and Kazarian, bring back a Heel version of Fortune with Daniels, Kazarian, Styles and Roode... and possibly Austin Aries joining the team. But bottom line, get AJ back in the ring, have him chase some gold and start main eventing again!

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