Friday, December 6, 2013

Since Triple H Has Taken Over

Since Triple H has taken over the WWE things have gotten very interesting, but I can't help but think they could be better...

They missed out on a great run with Daniel Bryan as the WWE Champion. The fans would have loved this and ratings would have been up. But instead, they want to keep him the underdog that the fans feel sorry for. We never once got to see him wearing the belt, dispite winning it twice.

The fans waited a full year for Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase and win the World Championship belt. Then when he finally won it his title reign did not last nearly long enough. Jack Swagger kicked him in the head giving him a concusion. Then he sat out for a month. When he returned, he had a great match with Alberto Del Rio in which he sold every head shot as if he was severly injured, he sold it so well its hard to tell if he was really injured or not. I thought this was going to be a huge build up for a rematch when he recovered in which he would regain his title. But that never happened.


Rob Van Dam returned to the WWE finally and the fans were so excited. It seemed as if he was coming back to win the only titles he had never held... the United States Championship, and the World Championship. But this didn't happen. First RVD challenged the United States Champion Dean Ambrose but failed to win the title. Then RVD was in a feud with Alberto Del Rio for the World Championship. RVD stole Del Rio's manager, but failed to win the title, then apparently quit the WWE because he wasn't ready. Disappointing fans everywhere.

CM Punk has been held down since dropping the title to The Rock. He had a brief feud with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, which I felt failed to measure up to the previous years with Shawn Micheals and Triple H. Since then CM Punk's only feud has been with his former manager Paul Heyman. This feud got really weird. First, Michael Mcgillicutty was renamed Curtis Axel and became the new 'Paul Heyman Guy' which was a bad fit I thought. I assumed Brock Lesnar would be in a major feud with CM Punk. But that didn't really happen as I had expected. I also feel we should have seen a CM Punk / Brock Lesnar tag-team run. That would have been amazing. But after CM Punk went out on his own I thought if they wanted to introduce a new Heyman Guy to challenge Punk, the obvious choice would have been Rob Van Dam. But that never happened. Instead, after Axel failed, Ryback was brought in, and Paul Heyman invited him to be a 'Heyman Guy' by proposing to him in the ring. At this point they could have had Punk and RVD team up to take on the Heymen Guys. But that never happened. Brock Lesnar has vanished. So did RVD. Heyman is basically gone now. Axel has dropped his title. And Ryback is on a losing streak. The whole storyline seems to have failed miserably.

What I would have done...

Dolph Ziggler would have had a long run as World Champion.

Rob Van Dam would have won the United States Championship. He would have eventually dropped the title to Ryback. They would have had a great match / feud. And this would have seriously put Ryback over as a star.

Then Rob Van Dam would have challenged Dolph Ziggler for the World Championship. This would have been an amazing feud that could have lasted as long as they wanted it to, with one amazing match after another. Just imagine RVD vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Championship, what types of matches could they have? How many PPVs would they have stolen the show at? Smackdown could be having higher ratings than Raw with their main event matches. It would have been a gold mine. 

CM Punk would have defeated Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship, since the WWE doesn't seem to currently want Punk in the main event at the moment. This would have given him a championship and a better storyline. Forget Curtis Axel, he doesn't fit into the Heyman / Punk storyline. With Punk as the IC Champion, I would have brought in Brock Lesnar and had him defeat Punk for the title. It would be amazing, since Lesnar has never held any title other than WWE Championship. I think he should have a run with every belt. After Lesnar's IC run, he could feud with Ryback for the US title. Then eventually with Rob Van Dam for the World Championship. Those feuds and matches could have lasted all year and been better than anything the WWE is currently doing.

It would have been nice to see some great tag-teams win the Championships such as Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. They could have also had RVD and Punk. RVD and Lesnar. Any combination of those three with Ryback. At some point those four should have been in a fatal four-way match. The possiblities are endless.

This fills in everything except the WWE Championship. No matter what you try to do I don't imagine it could measure up to those other storylines and title matches. But I would have had a great title run as Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion. Of course I would like to see Randy Orton as the main WWE Champion as I think he deserves it and its long overdue. But along the way, I would have him drop the title back and forth with a few superstars that have never really had a good run as WWE Champion, such as Kane and The Big Show, who Triple H does seem to be giving a major push to, but doesn't seem to be giving them the belt, and I think he should.

Imagine Randy Orton losing the WWE Championship to The Big Show. Then of course winning it back. Then dropping the title to Kane, only to eventually win it back. After both The Big Show and Kane had their fair run with the title.

I would love to see The Undertaker have one more run as WWE Champion, or win all the other titles he's never held, but I don't think that will happen. 

They should have given Mark Henry a short run as WWE Champion.

They should bring back Chris Jericho and let him win the IC title for the 10th time, and the US title, hell let him win every title but most of all a good run as WWE Champion!

Will Triple H ever get another run as WWE Champion now that he is the boss? Is his wrestling career over now? Did he retire? He has never held the United States Championship. I would love to see him win the US title, then have another run as WWE Champion. Imagine if Orton turns on Triple H and causes Triple H to get back in the ring and face him for the title!

But of course, another run with Brock Lesnar as WWE Champion would be amazing. I think after Lesnar's run with all the other champhionships as I already stated, my end result would Lesnar vs Orton for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 30!

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