Friday, December 6, 2013

WWE Getting Sloppy

The WWE seems to be getting very sloppy with its big matches. I always thought Cena was the worst wrestler in the main event. But lately the wrestlers I always considered to be the best in the WWE have been missing the mark on all their big moves. I'm not sure what the cause is, but it became very clear when Daniel Bryan challenged Randy Orton in the Hell In A Cell with Shawn Micheals as the guest referee. 

Randy Orton attempted to suplex Daniel Bryan off the top rope onto a pile of steel chairs, only they missed the mark and the only part of Daniel Bryan that touched the chairs was his foot. 

Later Shawn Micheals was knocked out when Randy Orton ran into him and they banged heads. Clearly Orton's head struck the back of Shawn's head, yet Shawn sold the move as if he was hit in the face. 

Then Triple H got in the ring and Daniel Bryan attemped to hit Triple H with a running knee to the face. Only Bryan clearly hit Triple H in the arm with his knee, yet Triple H sold it as if he was struck in the face. 

But the worst miss of the match was the finish, when Shawn attempted to Super-Kick Bryan in the face. Not only did Shawn miss Bryan's face, but he missed Bryan all together. He was off to the right, over the shoulder of Bryan, but also stopped short and his foot didn't even reach Bryan at all. All Shawn did was kick the air infront of Bryan's shoulder. Yet Bryan had to sell it as if he was knocked out from a kick to the face. 

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