Sunday, February 9, 2014

Elimination Chamber / Wrestlemania Ideas

I think the WWE should be trying to make this year's Elimination Chamber match the biggest and greatest in history. They have the chance with bigger stars than ever.

Last year I thought they would have CM Punk and The Rock in the Chamber for the WWE Championships, but that never happened. Probably because The Rock never wants to chance getting hurt in risky matches like this.

But this year they could have the most amazing one ever. Just imagine, on the Monday night after the Royal Rumble, the Authority calls out Randy Orton and tells him that he will be defending his Championship against five other superstars in the Elimination Chamber. Of course Randy would freak out.

That is when Batista's music would hit. He has returned for one reason, to beat Randy and take his Championship, and he doesn't want to wait until Wrestlemania, he wants to be in the Chamber match

Then Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman would come out, because Brock has declared himself the number one contender and he wants to get his shot at Randy in the Chamber match as well.

Then CM Punk would come out and announce that he has never been given a rematch for his WWE Championship since he lost it to The Rock at the Elimination Chamber PPV one full year earlier. So he thinks he has waited long enough and deserves his rematch and demands a spot in this Chamber match.

Of course that is when the crowd would get who they really want, Daniel Bryan would come out and say if anyone deserves a rematch after being screwed out of the title it is him. Daniel Bryan has defeated John Cena and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship but has never had the chance to actually be the WWE Champion.

Last and definitely least, John Cena would have to come out and announce that since he was screwed out of the title the night before at the Royal Rumble, he deserves another shop inside the Chamber.

Triple H and Stephanie would talk this over and announce that these were the six men that would be competing in the Chamber.

Wouldn't that be an amazing match? The greatest Chamber match of all time?

But who should win? 

I would have the match start CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, just like I would have started the Royal Rumble with them. They are the best wrestlers in the WWE today. They could last the entire match and never slow down.

I would probably bring out John Cena next. Let these three put on a decent match before really getting to the main event...

Next would be Randy Orton. The Champion would be in the ring with the three most consistent and popular stars in the WWE today, and each of them would have their own reason for wanting to beat him for the title. So of course they would all team up against him and really beat him down. He would be on the verge of being eliminated the entire time. And just when he was about to be eliminated, someone would have to enter next and save him... but which one should that be, Brock Lesnar or Dave Batista?

I would have Batista come out next, and save Randy from the other three. I would have Batista destroy Punk, Bryan, and Cena. Evolution would be back together. This would have been Triple H's plan for bringing Batista back, because he knew Randy would need his help.

Once Batista had eliminated Punk, Bryan, and Cena, that would just leave Batista and Orton in the ring. That is until the last chamber opened unleashing Brock Lesnar, who would destroy both of them and win the Championship!

Wrestlemania Set-Up...

This would put Brock Lesnar into the main event of Wrestlemania as the Champion. Batista would have his spot in the main event against Lesnar because he won the Royal Rumble. And Randy Orton would have his rematch, so Triple H would make the main event of Wrestlemania 30 a triple threat match between the Champion Brock Lesnar and the Evolution team of Randy Orton and Dave Batista. I would have Brock Lesnar destory them both. Brock Lesnar should be the new wild card that goes against the whole authroity and destorys it all. Much like Stone Cold did to Vince.

The second biggest match at Wrestlemania is always who will face The Undertaker. Now I would love to see big name stars come back to challenge him such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, but that never seems like its going to be an option. So I say do the obvious that they have never done, because he is always too busy in the main event for the Championship, and just have John Cena challenge The Undertaker. Of course I would still have The Undertaker win. I think the streak should end next year though when I would have The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar, and I think Brock Lesnar should be the one to finally end the streak and retire The Undertaker.

The only ones left without a main event match would be Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. And you can't leave them out. I would have had The New Age Outlaws give Cody Rhodes and Goldust one last rematch for the Tag-Team Championships at the Elimination Chamber PPV, and I would have had the Outlaws win. So they would go into Wrestlemania with the titles. I would then have Punk and Bryan finally form a tag-team and challenge them and win the Tag-Team Championships!

So after Wrestlemania, you would have the Tag-Team Champions of Punk and Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. 

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