Sunday, February 9, 2014

Royal Rumble 2014

The 'road to Wrestlemania' always starts with the Royal Rumble. But this year's Rumble was a disgrace. Everyone knew Batista was going to win the Rumble the second Triple H announced he had resigned him. But why give that surprise away the weeks before the Rumble? They should have just let it be a surprise. Everyone was watching hoping for CM Punk or Daniel Bryan to win. Well CM Punk was forced to enter at number one and Daniel Bryan was not even in the Rumble. 

Well I get it, Triple H doesn't want either of them to win, but at least give the fans a chance to see the guys they want and cheer for them to win. Have CM Punk enter at number one. And then have Daniel Bryan enter at number two. But have them put on a great show and last as long as possible. 

Later on in the match, have Brock Lesnar come out and just start clearing the ring and distroying everyone. If someone was going to break Kane's record of eleven eliminations in one Rumble match, let that wrestler be Brock Lesnar, not Roman Reigns. On top of that, Kane has been tied with Shawn Micheals for total career eliminations for far too long, just let Kane eliminate someone and get the new record. I think techincally he did eliminate CM Punk, but it was after Kane had already been eliminated. They might count that as a new record, but even if they do I think it was a shitty way to give Kane the record. 

Anyways, once Lesnar had cleared the ring, and eliminated the crowd favourites CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, everyone would be looking for someone to come out at the end and stop Lesnar. That is when the shock of Batista's return should have come. His music would hit and he would run out and face Brock Lesnar. Eventually Batista could eliminate Lesnar and win the Rumble. 

I think that would have been exciting!

The hightlight of the Rumble was 
Kofi Kingston's jump back into the ring!

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