Thursday, July 17, 2014

My 4th Of July Idea

I think the WWE missed a great opportunity on the 4th of July. With all the build-up with Rusev and Lana bad-mouthing the United States, and their tour of Washington, they should have just gone all the way and had Rusev become the United States Champion!

This whole time he could have been holding the United States Championship while recieving his Russian star medal. He could have been wearing the US title while waving the Russian flag, while touring Washington etc. It would have given it more meaning and build up!

Then with the 4th of July being on a Friday, they should have done a live edition of Smackdown, and had a big tournament to crown the number one contender for Rusev's title. He could have been defeating one American after another for weeks proving that he was superior to all of them. Then for the big 4th of July tournament they could have had all the American wrestlers competing in an American King Of The Ring to crown the American King and name him the number one contender to face Rusev in the main event.

They could have made it an international King Of The Ring, like the Starcade tag-team tourament recently featured on WWE Vintage. Every wrestler in the tourament would be representing a different country.

International King Of The Ring

Special Guest Referree - Santino Marella (Italy)

1. Antonio Cesaro (Switzerland) with Paul Heyman
2. Chris Jericho (Canada) with Bret Hart

3. Kofi Kingston (Africa)
4. Wade Barrett (England) with William Regal

5. Great Khali (India)
6. Alberto Del Rio (Mexico) with Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara & Ricardo Rodriguez

7. Sheamus (Ireland) with Fit Finley
8. Jack Swagger (USA) with Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt Slaughter

Because Santino recently announced his career ending neck injury in Toronto, I would ask him to take part as the special guest referree. He should be a part of this tourament.

I would have as many former international stars take part as managers etc.

In the first match, Ceasro defeats Jericho by utterly destroying him. This needs to set up that Cesaro is an unstoppable unbeatalbe winner. Next, Barrett will knock out Kingston with the Bull-Hammer Elbow which is the most exciting move currently and he will advance to the next round. Del Rio will cheat to defeat Khali, by a disqualification or count-out etc. This will make the crowd hate him more than they already do. And Swagger will out wrestle the former US Champion Sheamus and defeat him to move onto the next round with the best match of the entire first round.

1. Antonio Cesaro (Switzerland) with Paul Heyman
2. Wade Barrett (England) with William Regal

3. Alberto Del Rio (Mexico) with Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara & Ricardo Rodriguez
4. Jack Swagger (USA) with Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt Slaughter

With his current injury, Barrett would not be able to take part in the next round. Cesaro would get a by into the finals. Swagger would defeat Del Rio in a Wrestlemania rematch, move onto the finals.

1. Antonio Cesaro (Switzerland) with Paul Heyman
2. Jack Swagger (USA) with Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt Slaughter

Swagger would defeat Cesaro to advance to face Rusev in the main event for the United States Championship. However, after the match, Cesaro would attack Swagger just as he has been doing to Kingston lately. He would beat Swagger so badly no one would expect Swagger to be able to compete in the finals against Rusev. But Swagger would have already won the King Of The Ring. Cesaro would have destroyed the crown, septare, cape, and thrown, or stolen the items etc.

Now the main event on the 4th of July Smackdown would be the United States Champion Rusev, the Russian with the Star medal and the Russian flag and Lana in his corner. They could even try to get former Russian wrestlers to accompany to the ring. Versus, Jack Swagger, the All-American American, the Real American, with Zeb his manager, and former American heroes Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sgt Slaughter, all waving the American Flag with the home country advantage in the USA on the 4th of July!

Of course, Swagger would win the match and the title. Swagger would be th 2014 King Of The Ring, and he would be the new United States Champion. He would be the first wrestler to defeat the Russian Rusev and end his undefeated streak. This would be the push that makes Swagger a star. Its a huge push for Rusev having given him the US title and a huge main event. Its even a push for Cesaro who made the finals and became a major heel.

There would be plenty of rematches to follow. Swagger would be defending his US title against every international superstar for the rest of the year. Its an epic storyline. And it all should have happened on the 4th of July!

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