Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sting WWE 2K15

Rumours of Sting finally signing with WWE have been at an all time high, and may have finally been confirmed. This past Monday night it was revealed that Sting will be in the next WWE video game WWE 2K15.

It was a great promo and you could hear the crowd cheer while they were showing it. The creepy music played, a shadow figure walked around, lowered from the ceiling. Then the musicians turned around and had Sting's face-paint on. That is when Sting was revealed.

Now the only questions is... will Sting actually wrestle in a WWE ring? Or is he just going into the Hall Of Fame, and appearing in the video game? Its still a great deal, fans can finally use Sting in the WWE video game. The WWE will increase game sales and I'm sure they will have a few Sting DVDs out in time for Christmas and lots of other Sting merchandise to go with it. But I think we can all agree we want more, we want to see Sting in the ring!

The real question we are left with now is if its too little too late?

Did Sting and the WWE wait too long? Is Sting past his prime? Does he still have any good matches left in him? From what we saw most recently in TNA, Sting should not be in a ring. But that was TNA, and TNA shouldn't be in a ring! Sting is not at the Hulk Hogan Ric Flair stage of his career just yet. He is more of the attutide era generation. But Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels aren't exactly having any great matches anymore either. I know this doesn't mean Sting can't but it does mean the icons we always dreamed of seeing Sting wrestle have already retired, so it is too late to see those dream matches.

However, there might still be a few chances for a couple dream matches. Who would they be though? I think the main one would be Sting vs The Undertaker! The next obvious one would be Sting vs Triple H. It would make sense that Triple H brought Sting in because he always wanted to work with him personally.

I'm sure the next generation of wrestlers would still love to work with Sting, such as John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Brock Lesnar. Anyone other than those wrestlers aren't really in the same league to deserve a match with Sting in my opinion. But I am sure a few others could give him a great match. Dolph Ziggler can give anyone a great match.

I have a feeling Sting might just have a one and only match at Wrestlemania with either Triple H or the Undertaker. I think he will go into the Hall Of Fame. I think the WWE will start releasing Sting DVDs and merchandise. And I think that is all we will get because Sting is going to retire after that. But I hope we get more!

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