Sunday, June 3, 2012

Impact Report

Sting defeated Bobby Roode in the opening lumberjack match to kick off the first live episode of Impact. Hulk Hogan then announced that the main event of Slammiversary would be Sting vs Bobby Roode, but this time it will actually be for the TNA Championship. 

Jeff Hardy won the fav vote to get the shot at the  Television Champion Devon. But just as Hardy was about to win the match the Robbies came out and ruined the match. 

The new Gut Check wrestler, who was 100 times better than the first one that got the TNA contract, some how failed to get a contract of his own. Taz replaced Ric Flair as the new third judge. He is the heel judge. So the other two were all nice and positive, but Taz ripped him apart and they almost got in a fight. In the end Joey was rejected. 

Chris Sabin is now a singles wrestler again since his partner Alex Shelley left TNA. He faced the X Division Champion Austin Aries and lost. 

Brooke Hogan was introduced as the new boss of the Knockouts Division. So far she didn't even book a match for the Knockouts on Impact lol. But I'm sure she will do great. 

Main event, AJ vs Daniels. This was just to build up the storyline with AJ and Dixie. And of course AJ and Angle vs the Tag-Team Champions (Daniels & Kazarian) at Slammiversary. 

To be honest, I was disappointed after all the hype. The opening match I thought was going to be a title match and I thought Sting would win the title. I assumed Brooke Hogan would be doing something really exciting with the Knockouts, but she didn't. I thought Hardy would win the Television Championship but he didn't. I even thought Sabin might win the X Division Championship, but nothing changed hands, no big shocks. But at least they went live and are talking about going on the road and leaving the Impact Zone... all I can say is its about time!

 This is totally a message to Brooke Hogan lmao

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